About Me

About Me

Hello! I go by Miiks! I’m 27 years old and have a passion for creating oracle decks! Diving into divination at the young age of 16 I found a deep love for not only reading tarot cards, but making the decks too. I made my first oracle decks at home with cardstock paper, stickers and some markers. I decided to make some videos readings online, using them and that ended up gaining a lot of interest. From there I went on to making and selling professionally printed oracle and tarot decks. I love that my ideas can be put into physical form and help people! I hope you enjoy this deck as much as I do!

About my Decks

I use all of my decks for personal use, in my videos online and for personal readings. I usually get inspired to make a deck because it is something I want to personally use. I like to draw out my ideas in my sketchbook then write down what I want on each card, then start building them online. Some decks involve me creating digital art, others include photo editing or making collages. Each deck takes me anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks to finish. Here are some of my favorite decks I’ve made below!

I noticed how many tarot decks on the market have more of a feminine look. I wanted to make tarot decks for the masculines too! (I also really love cars too) So I made the Ignition Tarot Deck! I included modern and older car models. I wanted to include the definitions on each card too because I wanted beginner readers to be able to use this deck too.

This deck is one of the first decks I’ve made! I was doing personal readings for a lot of people and they really wanted to know their love interests more sexual thoughts. I couldn’t find any decks that had “sexual messages” on them so I made this 18+ message oracle. I drew the backside of the cards out on my ipad. I wanted to make art that showed what passionate sexual energy looked like. So I drew two people about to kiss with flames inside of them. I tried to keep one of them not looking female or male because I wanted this to be open for lgbtq+ too. I try to make all of my decks not just male and female based. 

I LOVE conspiracy theories so I had to make this deck, the Hollywood conspiracy oracle. I was inspired to make this deck because I started my Youtube channel where I started doing conspiracy readings and there was no conspiracy oracle decks anywhere. So obviously I made one (well now 2 while writing this) lol. I drew out the backside of the cards on my iPad with the black and white swirls and the Illuminati symbol in the center. 

This is the crime case oracle deck I made. This is another one of my favorites I’ve made. It was inspired by the Steven Avery case. I had so many questions about this case and no answers. I wanted to do a reading but the tarot and oracle decks I had were just not doing it. I also, again could not find any “crime” decks online. So I made this, drew the white images on the fronts and backs of the cards.

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