Will Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce relationship last? 🏈 🎤

Celebrity reading ~ Will Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce relationship last? 🏈 🎤(allegedly & for entertainment purposes only) I see that someone is going to have major trust issues in this relationship, I do see it being Taylor. Then Travis not really taking things so seriously and may be talking to other people. I don’t know if it’s going to be that he actually does cheat or Taylor is just going to be assuming he is because he’s around other women. I see him being a bit immature and just living day by day in the relationship. Where Taylor sees a future with him, marriage and even having kids with him. But I feel like this relationship won’t last because Taylor won’t trust him and I do see at some point her being a bit possessive and may want to be around him or talking to him at all times so she knows what he’s doing. She won’t want to be away from him because she thinks he’ll cheat. She may hear from someone that he’s being sneaky so she wants to see it first hand. I see Travis not really liking how she acts and has to constantly be around him or talking to him. He may feel like this relationship gets a bit too suffocating.
My decks used: love tarot, love messages pt.1 & 2, the tea oracle, relationship oracle & Hollywood conspiracy oracle 💕


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